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How do I choose the right adaptions?

Remember, adaptations are not suitable for every type of car, so it’s important to consider which adaptation you need before you choose your car

To find out more about each type of adaptation, how it works and how it might help you please contact our specialist or you can visit the Motability website under adaptations available on the scheme

Where can I order my adaptations?

If your car is being supplied by the Motability scheme then you can order your adaptations from your supplying dealer who will then arrange fitment through Brookfield Mobility Solutions.

Alternatively we are more than happy to assist you in the ordering and fitment of any adaptations.

We also have experts on hand to help you choose the right adaptation for you and your car.

Where will the adaptations be fitted?

Many adaptations can be fitted at your home address or if it is a new vehicle and adaptations are part of the Motability scheme then these can be fitted at your supplying dealer prior to you collecting your new car.

We also have a fully equipped workshop where we can fit your adaptations and modifications.

How long will I be without my car when it is being adapted?

If your car is new and being supplied by the Motability Scheme your adaptations are normally fitted before you collect your new car.

If you already have your car then adaptations are normally completed in 1 day and mostly at your home or work.

However some adaptations can be more complicated and can take a couple of days to fit and this is normally completed ate our workshops.

Can I get help to pay for Adaptations?

Dependent on your situations there are people who can help with the cost of adaptations.

Motability has helped over 4 million people get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair.

Motability also offer a Managed Adaptations Programme, many adaptations products are now available at £NIL cost through the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme.

To take advantage of this scheme your adaptations must be included on the order for your Motability vehicle.

Please speak to your car dealer when you order your vehicle.

Motability Grants

Motability as a national charity, may be able to provide financial help, otherwise known as a ‘grant’ to Motability Scheme customers who would otherwise struggle to afford the mobility solution they need.

All applications are means tested and help will only be given towards the most affordable solution. For further information call Motability Customer Services on 0844 800 0900 or visit the Motability website:

Accesses to Work

If your health or disability affects the way you do your job, Access to Work can help with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. You may be able to get financial help from Access to Work.

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