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BMS, 30-32 Filton Road, Bristol BS7 0PA Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm


The Boss

Pete started as a trainee chef before a change of carriers becoming an apprentice technician with Ford before moving to Nissan.

Pete then decided with work friend Steve to take the plunge and open their own independent garage in 1999.

After many successful years as an independent garage Pete and Steve decided it was time to expend and due to family and close friends having mobility issues the adaptation market was an easy choice and one close to their hearts.

Fav quote = “Fall seven times stand up eight”
Fav Films = Matrix / Sliding doors
Outside of work = Time with the family / Cycling / Moto GP (Watching and odd track day)
The superhero I would be = Iron Man



Sporty Spice

Steve started as an apprentice technician with Ford and in 1999 with Pete opened their own independent garage and then the expansion into BMS.

Steve’s love of finding a solution and manufacturing means he still has a hands on approach in the company and can still be found fitting and manufacturing driving solutions.

Fav quote =don’t expect from others what your not willing to do yourself “

Fav Films =“Highlander, Wayne’s World, Jumanji 2”

Outside of work = “All sports, training, time away with the family”

The superhero I would be =“The Hulk


The Angler

Marc started as an apprentice Technician with Ford and has work with Mercedes, Motability Operations Customer services and a conversion company based in the South West before joining BMS as head of fitment and repair.

Marc’s years of experience within the motor industry and the adaption market has taught him that nothing is impossible in car adaptations.

Fav quote = “Happy days”
Fav Films = Gladiator / Saving Private Ryan / All the Saw films
Outside of work = Watching Bristol City and Sea fishing
The superhero I would be = Deadpool



Fred started his career as an apprentice Technician with Ford and joined Motability solutions spending 15 years as a manager of their technical team.

Fred joined BMS from the creation as its General Manager, his wealth of knowledge within the adaptation and car conversions industry has helped BMS become the premier mobility adaptation company in the south west.

Fav quote = “Treat others how you would want to be treated”

Fav Films = The Godfather / The Holiday /

Outside of work = Collecting old toys and games and Coffee Shops !!!!

The superhero = I would be = It has to be “Batman”



Chris started as an apprentice technician with Ford and joined Pete and Steve in their independent garage and is one of the original engineers for BMS.

Chris’s technical knowledge and eye for detail is second to none and he loves a challenge.

Fav quote = “It is what it is”

Fav  Films = Convoy / Italian job (original) / All the Rocky films

Outside of work = A nice Thatchers Gold to unwind

The superhero I would be = The Incredible Hulk



Tony has been involved in the motor industry from school starting in the fuel station industry before joining the RAC as team manager in their sales and support team.

Tony joined BMS bringing his knowledge of sales and support and customer services to the team.

Fav quote =

Fav  Films =

Outside of work =

The superhero I would be =

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