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This is a hoist which stores your wheelchair or scooter into your car boot. Tie-downs are included as part of the hoist package to help secure your scooter or wheelchair into the boot of your car.

Hoists do come in different formats, they can be fixed, removable, telescopic and foldable.

Fixed : a fixed hoist is fitted within the boot and is a permanent fitment.

Removable: a removable hoist is attached in the boot via a frame which allows you to remove the operating apparatus easily which will allow you full boot space when you do not need the hoist.

Telescopic : a telescopic hoist allows the storage of a wheelchair and scooter with one single button operation.

Foldable: a foldable hoist is compact and can be used to lift small motorised scooters and manual wheelchairs of up to 40kg. Suitable for most types of vehicles (Hatchbacks, Estates and Saloon cars).

Boot Hoists can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales.

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Hoists also come with different movements

4-way hoist
4-way hoists are ideal if you need to transport a scooter or a larger wheelchair. They help move the product up and into the boot at the touch of a button, although you will also need to guide the product by hand and then secure your product using tie-downs. In many cases, your product will only fit with one or more rear seats folded down.

2-way hoist

2-way hoists are for lighter wheelchairs. They operate with an up and down action only, so you will need to push the wheelchair into the boot by hand, then secure the product using tie-downs. Although generally for use with smaller products, the rear seats may still need to be part or fully folded flat, so again this is an important consideration when deciding which hoist is best for you.

Due to the complex nature of boot hoists, it is important that you speak with your adaptation installer to discuss how they work.

Your wheelchair or scooter will affect the type of boot hoist you need and the space required, so you should take your product to the dealership so they can make sure that the cars you are considering will fit the hoist type you need, as well as your scooter or wheelchair. Adding a boot hoist to a car could be an alternative to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

We would also suggest a boot strap and bumper protector when fitting a hoist these will enable you to close the boot tailgate easily and will also protect your bumper from scuffs and scratches (please see vehicle protection below).

Popular adaptations with remote control devices are:

Boot and bumper protectors protects your bumper and boot area from scratches and damage
Transfer plate
Steering Balls which enable you to steer the car with one hand
Tailgate pull down
Boot and bumper protectors
Boot & bumper protectors
Transfer plate
Transfer plates
Steering Balls
Steering Balls
Tailgate pull down straps
Tailgate pull down straps

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