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Car dash cameras:

Dash camera
Dash cam
LCD monitor with camera

Reversing sensors & cameras

Car Reversing Sensors
Reversing Sensors

Dash cams

Dash cams can be the best witness in an accident not only can it help to prove who was at fault but can also help identifying drivers and their passengers especially if there are injury claims, they can give you the peace of mind that it will not only be your word against another as you will have actual footage of any incident.

Dash cams can be as simple as a forward facing window sucker plug in device up to forward and rear facing hard wired internet connected to your smart phone or any smart device system.

Motability will now allow dash cams to be fitted to scheme cars but will only allow a camera that is attached in such a way as not to cause damage to the vehicle and must be a plug in device not hard wired.

Brookfield Mobility Solutions can offer you advice and fit all systems. Car Dash Cams / Reversing Sensors / Reversing Cameras can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales.

Reversing sensors

Emit radio or ultrasonic waves that bounce off of objects behind the vehicle give you an audible and visual countdown to the distance between your car and the object. This allows you to reverse your car with the comfort of knowing that the distance is audible to you and warns you when you are getting to close to an object or other vehicle.

Reversing sensors and reversing cameras

Offer you assistance when reversing and parking they range from simple audio device to in car reversing cameras and screens.

Reversing cameras

Use a camera located at the rear of your car and a screen monitor located on your dash or with your interior mirror.

The camera will give you a clear panoramic view as you park and will also give you a arrow or coloured indication of how close you are to any abject or car.

Reversing cameras with sensors

This will give you the best of both worlds above both visual and audible indication of objects and cars behind you.

GPS vehicle trackers

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices allows you to locate any vehicle using Smartphone a PC, Tablet. GPS tracking uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device that is located in your vehicle it is the exact same technology used by your car navigation system and you will be able to locate or see the location of your vehicle at any time.

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