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A very simple solution that will enable a person to drive when they find it difficult or they are unable to use their feet to control the pedals or find push/pull hand controls take too much effort.

This popular electronic adaptation allows you to control the speed of the car with your hands the most popular by pushing an ergonomic ring attached to the steering wheel.

If you have limited mobility in your legs or find push/pull hand controls take too much effort, an electronic accelerator may help, and there are a number of different types available.

Electronic Accelerators are a more complex system and may need to be installed at our workshop in Bristol.

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Over ring accelerator

Over ring accelerator

The over ring accelerator is fitted in front of the steering wheel.

You push it down toward the steering wheel to accelerate.

Under ring accelerator

Under ring accelerator

The under ring accelerator is fitted behind the steering wheel.

You pull it towards the steering wheel to accelerate.

Ghost ring accelerator

Ghost ring accelerator

The ghost ring accelerator is fitted behind the steering wheel.

You control the speed by using your fingers in side to side movements.

Trigger accelerator

Trigger accelerator

With a trigger accelerator you pull with your finger to accelerate, and push away to brake.

Popular adaptations with Electronic accelerators are:

Mechanical brake: this allows you to operate your car’s braking system with an easy to use hand operated push brake
Steering Balls enable you to steer the car with one hand.
Pedal Guards prevent the accelerator being accidentally pressed or a foot sliding under them especially with involuntary leg movements and spasms.
Mechanical brake
Steering Aid Ball
Pedal guard
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