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If you find it difficult or cannot use the standard accelerator comfortably, a left foot accelerator will allow you to control the speed with your left foot, while the original accelerator is safely out of the way.

Left foot accelerators from fixed floor mounted to Twin-Flip:

Twin-flip accelerator

Twin-flip accelerator
A twin-flip accelerator is a second pedal fitted to the left of the brake pedal, enabling you to use your left foot to accelerate. The original pedal folds away. In most cases, this can still be used if your nominated driver does not require adaptations.

Floor-mounted accelerator

Floor-mounted accelerator
A floor-mounted accelerator is fitted to the left of the brake so that you are able to use your left foot to accelerate. A pedal guard is fitted over the original pedal whilst the new accelerator pedal is being used. They come fixed or a easily removable is available if someone else also drives the vehicle and does not need the left foot accelerator.

If you have never driven with a left foot accelerator, it is important to speak to your adaptation installer or Mobility Centre for advice.

Left foot accelerators and twin flip accelerators can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales or installed at our workshop in Bristol.

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Popular adaptations with left foot accelerators are:

Steering Balls enable you to steer the car with one hand.
Transfer plates
Pedal modifications

Pedal modifications

If you have difficulty reaching the pedals when driving, you could opt to have the pedals extended. Modifying the pedals of your car could bring them closer to your driving seat, allowing you to drive more comfortably while controlling the car with ease.

Pedal guards

Pedal Guards

Pedal guard are fitted over the original pedals these can be used in conjunction with push/pull devices and left foot throttles the guards stop the pedals being used whilst a push/pull and or left foot throttle is in operation. Once fitted pedal guards can be removed a refitted easily allowing the vehicle to be driven with the standard pedals.

Popular adaptations with pedal modifications are:

Steering Balls: these are popular adaptations because they enable the driver to have full control of the steering wheel, using only one hand.
Steering Aid Ball

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