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Remote control devices help make it easier to operate some of your standard car controls, such as the indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights, using a single control panel mounted on the steering wheel.

They can also incorporate a steering wheel ball so steering and operating basic car functions can be done with one hand.

They can range from a fixed switch panel to a 7” touch screen with up to 48 functions.

– Fixed switch panel:
Positioned within easy reach the fixed wire control panel can operate up to 15 different functions.

– Driving panel:
Fixed wire control panel usually attached to the hand controls can operate 12 functions.

– Remote control steering wheel panel:
Attached to the steering wheel the same as a steering ball and is infra-red controlled and comes in several ergonomic designs, range from steering ball type to the lollipop grip.

– Touch screens:
Due to the size of screens (up to 7”) these are fitted within easy reach and can perform as many as 48 different commands and operate most of the cars equipment remotely.

– Bleeper systems:
The system will operate up to 13 functions of a car from just one button, which can be fitted at various positions within the car allowing the driver to operate the functions with fingers, elbows, head etc. On pressing and holding the button, the system will cycle through the secondary functions of the vehicle, giving a bleep as it passes through each function.

All electronic control devices can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales or installed at our workshop in Bristol.

Popular adaptations with remote control devices are:

Steering Balls: these are popular adaptations because they enable the driver to have full control of the steering wheel, using only one hand.
Steering Aid Ball

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