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If you have difficulty holding or turning a standard steering wheel, there are a number of simple solutions that will help you. For example, a steering wheel ball can be fitted to allow you to have more control when steering the car.

If you have hand controls fitted, a steering ball is often essential, as it enables you to steer the car with one hand, while operating hand controls with the other. Many can be easily attached and removed.

Steering aids come in different forms:

– Ball (fixed or quick release): this is the most common aid and is gripped from the front with a partly clenched hand
– Peg (fixed or quick release): the peg is gripped from the side with a partly clenched hand
– Tetra Grip (quick release): this is controlled by placing the wrist between two adjustable supports

Steering balls, tetra grips and pegs can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales but the more complex solutions would need to be installed at our workshop in Bristol.

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Lightened Power Steering

Can power steering can be easily lightened?
We can simply ‘take the edge off’ of the steering as it comes from the manufacturer or it can be lightened to the extent where it’s possible to spin the steering wheel with just one finger.

Reduced Sized and Removable Steering Wheels

Sometimes the steering wheel of a vehicle has to be reduced in size, for example when the driver is driving from a wheelchair or has limited movement in their upper limbs. We can also fit a ‘quick release system’ which can help with accessibility.

Electric Gear Selector

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to move the gear lever on their vehicle. This is usually because of disabilities or weakness in the hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, etc. The Electric Gear Selector is for automatic vehicles only. It consists of a control panel which can be located more or less anywhere on the dashboard to allow for easy reach.

Electric Handbrake

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to pull on a handbrake. This can be due to disabilities or weakness in the hands, arms, elbows, shoulder, etc. With an electric handbrake we disable the standard handbrake and replace it with an On and Off switch on the dashboard which will operate the handbrake electronically.

Remote Starter Button

The Remote Starter Button is designed for people who have difficulty in turning the ignition key in the barrel.
With some clever wiring we can make your ignition ‘switch operated’. You simply flick the switch on and then press a starter button. (These can be fitted on the dashboard wherever it suits you).

Popular adaptations with gear selector and electric handbrake are:

Steering Balls: these are popular adaptations because they enable the driver to have full control of the steering wheel, using only one hand.
Steering Aid Ball

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