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If you are a wheelchair user, another option for accessing the car is via an electric person hoist, which physically lifts you into the passenger’s side of the car.

The hoist includes a permanent mount fitted into the car and three sections which clip together to form the frame. A specially designed canvas sling and the hoist is raised electronically. Once you are seated in the car, the frame sections of the hoist can be removed and stowed in the boot, but the sling remains in place, making it easier to reverse the process at the end of the journey.

For some people this may be an alternative solution to getting a fully converted Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. You may find your travelling experience more comfortable as you will be seated on the original car seat alongside the driver, rather than in your wheelchair. However, you’ll need to check with an adaptation installer that the car you are interested in is suitable for this type of hoist.

Transfer plates can be fitted by our mobile service for Bristol the South West and South Wales but the more complex system would need to be fitted at our Bristol workshop.

Transfer plates

Transfer plates

A transfer plate is fitted to the side of the car seat and provides a smooth surface between the wheelchair and the car seat to help you with the transfer. Once you are in the vehicle and are comfortable, the transfer plate can simply be folded out of the way.

Swivel seat

Swivel seats

A permanent swivel seat turns, and in some cases moves in and out of the car, then lowers or tips, to make getting in and out of the seat easier. Manual and powered versions are available. Wheelchair swivel seats are also available.Read more »

They are made up of two parts and allow your wheelchair base to connect to a specially designed car seat. Wheelchair swivel seats cannot be operated independently, as you will need someone to help put the wheelchair base into position and store it once you are in the car.
Modified seats

Modified seats

Sometimes the sitting position is not idea and can make it sometimes impossible to drive as the steering wheel and pedals are not close enough even with the standard adjustments with the car. We are able to modify each seat so that they can be adjusted higher and closer to the steering wheel this can be with and electric or manual seat base which we fit to your existing.

Popular adaptations with vehicle entry are:

Steering Balls enable you to steer the car with one hand.
Transfer plate
Steering Aid Ball
Transfer plate
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