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Adaptations through Brookfield Mobility and available on the Motability Scheme


Stowing your Mobility scooter or wheelchair into your vehicle

Boot Hoist:
A car boot hoist will lift your wheelchair, powerchair or scooter into your boot with the use of a handheld remote control.

It’s an ideal solution that saves you and your loved one struggling with lifting heavy parts and allows you to keep your independence when venturing out of the house.

Wheelchair Stowage:
Lift, stow and retrieve your wheelchair using a rooftop box system.

The rooftop box system folds, lifts and locks away a standard manual wheelchair in less than 90 seconds. Your wheelchair will be safely stored and transported in the weatherproof box and once you’re ready to leave your car, the system will lower down your wheelchair to you. This makes for a great solution for independent drivers and passengers alike.

Transfer Plates:
Transfer Plates are fitted to the side of the car seat and provides a smooth surface between the wheelchair and the car seat to help you with the transfer into your car.

The transfer plate will suit people who find getting in or out of their car difficult.

Installed for driver or passenger use, the transfer plate is the perfect vehicle transfer solution to give passengers and drivers that extra support and confidence to move safely into their car seat and then out again, making it ideal for people with almost all levels of mobility.

Swivel seats:
Swivel seats also known as turnout seats are a popular adaptation to allow easier and more comfortable transfers from wheelchair to car seat.

They work by bringing the seat partly (and in some instances all the way) outside of the vehicle which allows for increased manoeuvrability. This makes transferring to and from wheelchair to car seat a lot more manageable, comfortable, and safer.

They’re a great alternative to wheelchair accessible vehicles and allow you to enjoy a more sociable and comfortable journey.

Driving Controls

Electronic accelerator:
Ring Accelerators transfer acceleration from the foot pedal to a specifically designed ring that offers smooth and gradual acceleration.

It requires very little strength to operate and is therefore suited to drivers who have limited strength in their hands and fingers where push/pull controls could be too fatiguing. The Ring Accelerator is easy to use and gives the driver the feeling of that familiar driving position with both hands on the steering wheel.

Left Foot Accelerator:
The Left Foot Accelerator is fitted when a driver is unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot.

For some people who find driving with the right foot accelerator difficult, hand controls may not always be the suitable solution. In those instances, having a Left Foot Accelerator fitted offers an ideal alternative solution.

Whether you choose a Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator or an Electronic Left Foot Accelerator, the design mimics the original pedal for ease of use, comfort and retains full range of acceleration.

Hinged accelerator pedal:
The Hinged Accelerator Pedal is fitted to benefit a hand control driver by creating significantly more room in the footwell.

The additional room created means the space on the right of the brake pedal is equal to that on the left. This allows a driver to stretch out both legs and moves the knees away from the hand control, eliminating the risk of the pedal accidentally being operated or obstructed. By changing the driving position, it allows for a much more safe and comfortable driving experience.

Steering balls:
Steering aids are a popular driving adaptation that assist drivers with limited hand movement or arm strength by reducing the force required to steer.

There are different variations of steering aids, but essentially it is a mechanism that that spins around, allowing the user to rotate the steering wheel using just one arm rather than having two hands gripping the wheel.

Secondary remote controls:
Secondary remote Controls allow drivers with limited mobility to steer the car and operate a range of secondary functions such as the indicators, horn, headlights, wipers and washers all from one device.

They are particularly beneficial for drivers using hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake as well as the steering as it can be dangerous to release those controls in order to operate secondary functions. Drivers with limited arm strength / mobility can also benefit from Secondary Controls as it can be difficult or painful when reaching to operate secondary functions.

Push Pull hand controls
A very simple solution that will enable a person to drive when they find it difficult, or they are unable to use their feet to control the pedals.

This popular vehicle adaptation allows you to control the speed of the car with your hands by pushing or pulling a lever to accelerate or brake.

Lodgeson mini Keypad:
Mini Keypads for Hand Controls enable you to operate the secondary functions of the vehicle without having to take your hand off your hand control.

The 7 Way Mini Keypad operates indicators, lights (dip/main/flash), horn and optional hazards*.

  • Compatible with most hand control makes & models
  • Green back-lit illumination for safe operation when driving in the dark
  • Dividers between each of the buttons for guidance
  • Indicators will self-cancel on many vehicles

* Suitable positioning of the keypad will depend on the model of hand control and should be discussed with your installer.

Easy release:
Designed for drivers with limited hand movement, the Handbrake Easy Release reduces the amount of grip required to move the handbrake and eliminates the requirement to depress the button.

It is fitted over a standard handbrake and allows the driver to engage the button without flexing their thumb joint.

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